Friday, January 30, 2009

Cotton Bud Bursting

Yes, finally the bud popped open and the inside is this cotton fluff. I have left it slowly drying out and in a few days it will be ready for picking. Inside the "sea island cotton bud" is small seeds that I will separate and plant like I did for this one to grow.
This one is still in a pot but my other four plants I have planted in soil in my back yard, which I have put plastic lacework around to stop my chooks from digging them up. The chooks had a wonderful time whilst I was digging the holes. A worm just didnt have a chance. Nature is just wonderful. I think it may be sometime before I start spinning it, thats if I can,but I guess the first project would be a face washer. I will keep you posted.
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Big Slurpee Coffs Harbour

Feeling thirsty, better bring your mates too, because this is some BIG SLURPEE.
You will find it and can't help to see it at the Coffs Harbour Showground.
It was erected on the 14th Jan and will be on show till 13th March 2009.
This slurpee is 11 metres high and 6 metres wide.
Make it a Wednesday or Saturday morning 10am - 2pm .As you drive into the Showgrounds, there is the Showground Gallery,which will be open and it has a display of paintings, woodwork, basketry and textiles to view and on sale.
New art classes starting in all mediums in February 2009. Come along and see, join up.
Or if you want to learn to spin, or already a spinner, come along to meet me and my friends. Get in ready for winter 2009.
Do you want to learn to spin, but can't make it on Wednesdays, I have a very good friend who belongs to our group and she is willing to teach you at a time that you both can come to agree on.
Please contact me and I will pass her name and details on to you.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lazy Bobbin Holder

What a great idea one of my Spinning Ladies' husband had for putting your cones of plying yarn on which makes it easy for the thread of the bobbin to unravel.
The base is stable whilst the top cone like shape and its base move in a circular direction if needed.
They are made of solid timber as you can see the grain showing through.
He's woodworking skills are excellent. I have two and use continually.
If you think you would love one or two to three of these, please contact me on my email at and I will contact him for price and availability.
May be I should have put them on a non wood surface but I am sure you can see what they are like.
click on to see in more detail.
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My BABE and LOUET Spinning Wheels

This LOUET s10 is a beautiful Spinning Wheel, very solid with a large bobbin and so easy to treddle.
I bought if from a friend who received in for her 21st birthday and has carried it around the world with her, but just didnt have the room to store it in her house for now.
Thats not to say I have the room, but I just love it.
I am hoping she will ring me up and said, Kaye I would love my SpinningWheel as I want to start Spinning again.
For more on the LOUET, website,

This is my BABE which I purchased from U.S it has a Woolee Winder which is a delight to use and now I find it hard to manually move my thread along the flyer if the machine I am using does not have it on. It is made in very durable PVC and has a double treadle.
The BABE is very light and find it easy to fit into the car and it travels mostly on the passenger side with the seat belt on of course.
If you want to find more about the BABE go to web site: and if you want to know more about the Woolee Winder go to web site:

Luckily for me I found out that the LOUET S10 is compatible with the BABE so I can use the flyer and bobbin
on what machine I wish to use.Posted by Picasa

Bluff Lodge & Guest House

Are you wanting to go somewhere interesting, and learn and do a workshop on fibre. What about going to New Zealand, check out
If you are wondering why I have listed this it is because the lovely lady Karen and Lex are the Hosts. Karen is the lady who received my felted bag in the W. A. Scarf Exchange 2008. She replied with a lovely card and noted that 2009 is the "International Year of the National Fibres". Karen does workshops in Fibre, dyeing Felting, Knitting, or Spinning.
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Cotton Buds on Sea Island bush

This is the Sea Island Cotton Bush, 9 months later after I printed the photo: refer to Sat March 1st 2008, Cotton "Sea Island" which were very small plants, since that date it has flowered leaving the bud behind. This is where the cotton comes from. I am waiting patiently for the bud to open. Hopefully no bugs will attack it and I will be able to show you
further developments.
To view this plant up closer, click on the photo and see the buds up close.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

White Hybiscus

This stunning white hybiscus has a pink centre and not only did I get one flower, but two were out at the same time.
I just wanted to show it off.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Fibre Exhibition 2009 Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens

What a wonderful collection of fibre creations were on display for this years Exhibition held in the lovely gallery room at the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens.
There were 8 ladies including myself who had their garments, from knitwear, feltwear, beading etc on display.
Thanks to the Advocate, and radio stations who gave us advertising, we had many lookers call in, admire and buy from this large selection. Some were just spending an hour or two picnicing or walking through this lovely Botanic Gardens.
Many visitors spotted a large koala high up in one of the trees.
Saturday afternoon a wedding group arrived for photos.
If anyone would like to contact me regarding this display and a garment shown please email me and you never know you could be wearing it and showing it off to your friends.

Photos taken inside the gallery at the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens. 2009 Fibre Exhibition.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blue & Purple & Green Hand Felted Bag

Here is my Blue, Purple and Green Felted Bags which I added embellishments of tussah silk fibre, angelina sparkle, commercial yarn, rayon yarn. silk waste.
I have to go into my stash and find the right piece and colour for every bag is a one off and it has to be a special "bag" as I put a lot of thought and hard physical work into each one.
The Blue is a short handle design which folds in each end, just a little different.
The Purple Bag has the short handles but flat which can be used also like the Blue bags, for a knitting bag, or library bag or shopping bag.
The Green Bag has the longer handles and can be worn over the shoulder or tied to make it shorter.
These Hand Felted Bags will be on display at the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens, Jan 13th - 20th
Please call in and have a look and I may be in to have a chat with you or one of my great friends of the Coffs Harbour Spinners who also have their lovely garments on display.Posted by Picasa

Pink &Aqua Felted Bags

Its all happening again, the start of a new year 2009 to make some felted bags ready for this years display at the Coffs Botanic Gardens.
Here I have the dyed fleece drying.

Here is the Pink Felted Bag and the Aqua Felted with lots of embellishments, rayon, commercial yarn with a bit of sparkle,also a length of yarn with random colours , then I went to my sari silk yarn and cut off short length, unravelled and layed them on, also some glitter of the same colour . I made it in the style of a Tote Bag. Long single handle which you can throw over your shoulder, or do a knot in the handle for a shorter handle to swing over your arm.

These Hand Felted Bags will be on display at the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens, Tuesday 13th to 20th Jan.09
Please call and say hello or talk to my friends who belong to the Coffs Spinners Group, they also have their creative creations on display.Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tuber Rose

This is a close up of the lovely flower of the Tuber Rose. The perfume is very strong and reminds me to be very similair to that of Jasmine.
It grows in clumps and can be divided up to make several plants. As I have just purchased this plant, I will wait till after the flowering and repot in to a couple or more pots.
Unfortunately I havent any room to put it in the ground so Pots it is.
This below picture is showing you the whole plant. It has a very tall main stem from which many flowers develop. I think the flower is used in many bridal arrangements. Posted by Picasa

Rainbow So Bright

This is the first rainbow for 2009.
How magical did this look. I wonder where the Pot of Gold is.??Posted by Picasa