Monday, June 9, 2008

Juggling Felt Balls

These Felted balls are made using only 100% Merino fleece, hand dyed it all sorts of colours. It takes some time to construct with lots of hand use with detergent and hot water to make them felt. Once felted they are tough and durable. Can be washed. Will not unravel. Suitable for Juggling. Safe for children and most of your furniture. Your Pets will love them. Plus they are recommended for arthritic hands.Posted by Picasa

Shoulder Tote Bags

Double click on
to see the texture and colour
of these Original Special designed
Shoulder Tote Bags.
Refer to 'A Big Ball Of Wool" I have knitted up two Shoulder Tote Bags.
The first one I just used only spun wool, but with the second one I have knitted in strips of cotton check fabric in random rows. I am very pleased with the result. I will have them on display at the Bellingen Market 21st June 2008 and if they dont sell I will have them on display at the 28th June. 2008 at the Coffs Harbour Mediaval Fair.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Single Cable Beanie

I enjoyed knitting these single cabled beanies.The autumn tone beanie was my first attempt and is a small size. The lovely pink/purple beanie ended up slightly larger and is for a lady with a lot of hair. Posted by Picasa

Wardrobe Warriers.

Wardrobe Warriers( coathangers).

OK why on earth would someone knit these awful wardrobe warriers.(coathangers) On the Sat 28th June 2008, Coffs Harbour is hosting a Medievel Fair and have been invited to have a stall.
with my friend. Looking for something different I made these wardrobe warriers.
They keep those bumps away.(from your lovely jumpers) hopefully a moth or silverfish.

Scarf Exchange Yarn

A lovely yarn mix of Wool & Silk.
Colors of the OUTBACK.
No 51
This year the Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers' Guild of Western Australia Inc is the head quarters for this years Scarf Exchange. I received this lovely parcel of yarn which the sender requested "A BAG". I have till Oct 1st to complete it. I could felt it but the colours could end up looking Muddy so I will spin it up and knit. Maybe felt a few flowers on it.
I have a challenge before me.
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A Big Ball of wool

This ball weighs 15.68gms. and is 84cm or 33" round.
Wow. I didnt realize how much left over wool balls I had until I joined them together.
I still have more but the ball just got so BIG
I am going to knit up a bag/s It will be a bit of a surprise to what I end up with.
I have'nt co-ordinated the colours. Just picked up balls at random.
So keep watching this site to see what I have ended up with.
Now go to Monday 9th June 2008 see what I have created.
Two Shoulder Tote Bags.Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hand Spun Merino and Alpaca

I have just finished spinning up this beautiful merino blended with these lovely colours. I purchased the fleece mix from Jenny and Phillip Dunn (Virginia Farms)

Above is Alpaca I have just finished Spinning and dyeing this amazing colour. It is so soft.
Thanks to Charlie --pacaMania. 583 Dinjerra Rd. Glenugie NSW. 2460 02 66435210
All her Alpaca's are treated like her babies. This fleece was from Moonglow
I have enough to make another hank of the same.
Thanks to the Virginia Farms and Charlie and other Stall Holders who came to the Fibrecraft Expo held 21st May 2008. It was a wonderful day with many visitors viewing and buying who probably spent more that they wished but I'm sure will not regret it.
Many beautiful hand designed garments made by the members were on show or paraded by the girls from a local school. They did a charming job. Maybe it will be a start of a modelling career.
I am now sure Coffs Harbour Ladies will be known for "putting on a good show"Posted by Picasa

Special Birthday Cards.

From my dear friend April, and her lovely family.
She knows how I love cats and always sends me
a beautiful card with lovely words.

This card is from my Spinners and Knitter friends all signed with birthday wishes.

No I am not telling you my birthday date or age., I am a taurean and have a lot of traits to say I am. Thank you other friends for my cards and pressys a few too many (boasting) to put on this blog.
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