Friday, June 19, 2009

To Market Shoulder Tote Bags

What a great Bag to take to the Market to carry all your special buys in.
Colourful, sturdy, stretchy.
Washable "Handwash".
They can even be felted a little to make smaller or stronger using hot soapy water.
Please let me know so I can advise best as to how you want it.
Which One do you like???
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Shaggy Baggy Vest

Yes thats what it is. A shaggy baggy vest knitted from my commercial wool/yarn stash. It took me several attempts and a lot of unpulls to get this far. It is a little big under the arms but I can grow into it. It is lovely and light and warm. My Mum loves the pink/purple/black colour scheme.
I havent matched the stripes and you will notice I havent sewn in the ends, thats my design. It was sort of fun doing it, not the unpulling. I am looking foward to making up another in a different design.

Its amazing what one has in their stash boxes and how colour blends. Great way of getting to use those small leftovers. Posted by Picasa

Beanie and Scarfette

It started with some fine lovely designer yarn , (pink merino/white merino/silver thread) yarn. I must admit I really liked. I made this small simple beanie, and a matching scarfette.
I am keeping this set myself as I purchased the mixture of fleeces from, Gerda, of Freelance Fibres, I like to buy/try other fibres and products that can be sourced from different places.
I just added the silver thread to give it a bit of bling.
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My Scarfettes

I have just finished knitting a selection of scarfettes, what one would call a woolly necklet, or a turtle neck without the jumper.
I find just a small knitted scarfette can warm you up, and brighten your outfit.
I have knitted the blue, added a button and made an I-cord cord and made a bow. The Bright pink has three buttons and two tassles.
This pink yarn is shown in the earlier post in a hank already to knit up,
the fleece came from Nundle Woollen Mills.

The white with gold thread plied, has two buttons and two tassles.
The black alpaca with mohair randomly knitted in has one button and one tassle.
The multi brown,black, tan (previously carder together to get this effect) in designer yarn, has two buttons and two long tassles.
These little scarfettes use only a small amount of yarn, so I am looking in my stash to see what other variations I can come up with. If you contact me, I will try and guide you to making one yourself.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nundle with Thanks

Thank you Nundle Woollen Mills for your excellent customer service when I purchased stubbings instead of Cheeses.
For those ladies looking for wool/ yarn or felting/spinning supplies
Google. Nundle woollen mills, i'm sure you will be inspired. as I was.
When I received the Cheeeses I was highly delighted and couldnt wait to try it out. I had to use 6 strands in total to get the thickness I desired.
That done it was dyed rainbow colours and now waiting for it to dry to
knit up.
This is the fleece they sent with it and in no time I had spun it up and plied it back with a soft pink and white woollen yarn.
I dyed it landscape Pink and now waiting for it to dry to knit up.
I always love trying out a new product especially if it is a fleece. Yes the Cheeses are a great quick way to spin an even yarn. its up to you to decide what thickness you want.
Then you have to decide what colour, then you have to decide what to knit with it.
Decisions descisions descisions. Keeps your brain active
take note: this cheese is rather tasteless, but lovely and soft.Posted by Picasa