Saturday, April 30, 2011

Suri Alpaca Carded- Bonnie

I was given a bag of reddish brown Suri Alpaca its name Bonnie and as I had previously washed a handull of it. I first used that on my Wild Carder. I was pleasantly surprised at the result as it looked similar to human hair and carded easily.
After finishing an amount I decided that it would be a little differcult for me to spin, so found a previous bag of similar colour alpaca wool mix that I carded my suri in with this mix. I ended up with about 300gms.
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Carding ALPACA

The sun was out this morning so sitting on my verandah decided to card some alpaca that I was given on my Wild Carder.
It was just off white with a light brown tinge. I did wash a small amount previously so used that first but I wanted to card more of this Alpaca (Crystal)
I carded up about 170grms.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scarf Exchange 2011

Scarf Exchange 2011 is being organised by the HANDWEAVERS SPINNERS AND DYERS GUILD OF TASMANIA.. theme : Head: Shoulders :Knees
I received 150gms of white Corridale fleece and my instructions stated that I could dye it and the sender would like either Head or Shoulders.
I decided to felt a hat so first I had to dye the fleece Red.
When the time came I had to look for what I was going to embellish it with.
I found in my stash pre-dyed black & pre-dyed red tussah silk. red glitter and some commercial yarn with black red green combined.
After the hat was completed I had some fleece left over so again with the same red/black silk spun up some yarn and knitted one of my scarfettes. It also could be worn as a head band. Now I hope the felted hat when sent by post doesnt end up flat and out of shape. I will have to think of a good way to pack it.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its A Dogs Life

Milly ( black and white Border Collie) and Jilly ( brown and white Mini foxy x Jack Russel x Wippet x Kangaroo) Having a restfull time white I am busy going about my daily tasks. Where the bloodddy hell am I going to sit.?????
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Hand Felted Hats April Show

Hand felted hats are very nice to wear and they dress up an outfit. These 3 styles are colourful and each have a bit of decoration added to them.
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White Alpaca Beanie

I was given some lovely white alpaca and spun it up. Left it white as white is a popular colour. Made for a lady who likes her beanies to hang loose.
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Designer Yarn Beanies

When I have spun up some designer yarn I always wonder what style is best suited. Top beanie I spun up the softest light blue merino with white mohair and glitter yarn. Pattern used is Knit 2 Purl 2 wide band with a long body allowing for a good head of hair. Below is designer yarn I spun up using natural black alpaca with dyed mohair . Similar style for a close hugging beanie
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Coiled Beanies No 2

I have been enjoying knitting up this style beanie. Everyone is different. Grey has an extended body allowing for long hair, Green has only a short body and fits close to the head and the Red has a longer body and an opening at the end for a pony tail to hang out of.
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Red & Black Felt Evening Bag

Just for a bit of Bling I added a sequined designed application to a red and black wet felt bag. It is only small, but big enough to hold keys, mobil phone, wallet.
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