Friday, March 26, 2010

Slouch Beanies (3)

More souch beanies hand knitted. See previous posts
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Slouch Beanies (2)

More slouch beanies going to Soul Weaving Belligen NSW. Lovely shop with wool tops. yarn, things for children, toys, clothing, beading, the list goes on.
Look at previous post for more slouch beanies.
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Slouch Beanies (1)

Slouch beanies great for persons female/male who have lots of hair including dredlocks and want to wear a beanie. These are hand knitted using a mixture of yarns with a blend of wool, mohair, arcylic etc. These do not have to handled so gentle as my pure wool hand spun beanies.
These beanies are on their way to Bellingen. A shop called Soul Weaving will have them on display to sell.
In preparation for those cold mornings nothing better to keep our ears warm is a beanie.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dredlock Beanie

These look so good on and so colourful. You get the effect of Dredlocks without having actually dreadlocks which can be painfull to have done.
I have sold a few that I took previously to Bellingen market so decided to make a few more.
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Scrunchy Beanies.

Know why I can them scrunchy beanies, cos you can roll them up and scrunch together and they will just come back to their original shape.
It is raining outside and I am babysitting my sisters dog and cat plus my own dog, so its time to go and explore what I have in scrap/leftover handspun yarn, try and co-ordinated some colour scheme and thickeness of yarn.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Black/Red Scarf &Beanie

My sister has a red coat and in preparation for winter which is some months off yet decided to see what I had in my commercial yarn stash. She loves black, thats where I started and before long I had a good collection. I used No 10mm needles and cast on 210 stitches I then knitted each row(garter stitch) using two rows of each yarn at random. I left extra yarn at each end for fringing. Having some yarn over I used it for a beanie.
As I have many balls of different commercial yarns in my stash I am thinking I am attempting another or more.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Love My Spinning Wheel T-Shirt

I Love My Spinning Wheel T-Shirt I have just printed a few. The Spinning Wheel is a Symphony double treadle Saxony Wheel. I do not own one but I'm sure there are many happy spinners using one. I have a (1)Ashford Traditional. (2)A Babe with a woolly winder double treadle,(3) a Louet single treadle, (4) one that is old and spins a lovely fine thread but I have tried to get a name for this one but not as yet and my(5) electric Spinner which I also added a woolly winder to.
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