Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Closeup of Sunglass/ Camera Case.

I find this Case so versatile, I personally use a small version for my camera. I put it around my neck and know that I have less chance of dropping my camera before and after I use it.
It is around my neck. Others like it because they carry their sunglasses, or their reading glasses. They know where they are. Looks good too.
How about when you are cooking and have to use those glasses to read the recipe book and dont want to put them down and loose them. They are around your neck.
My Mum uses hers when sitting down knitting or doing her craft work. Pops in her scissors, tape measure and her thead which you generally can't remember where you put it and can even put a sewing needle and a few pins on the outside.
I have used another for meetings, when I need a small notepad and biro to jot down things as my memory isnt as good as I would like it to be. Got a cold and no pockets for the hanky or tissues and dont want to carry a bag. Its around your neck. Even an IPod. or water bottle. (depending on size) I can make one of your favorite colour, design if you have one, and of course size. Big, Wide, Small, Buttoned, or Hang around the neck.
They are so soft, durable, and washable. Handwash separately in luke warm water with wool wash or detergent. rinse, squeeze moisture out and shape. Dry in the shade. May be ironed with a cloth covering.
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Closeup Mobile Phone Case

This is case that I carry my Mobile Phone in. So soft yet it gives great protection.
Easy to undo the button and get the phone out when it rings.
So many uses, Camera, Store Credit Cards, Taro Cards for protection, Playing Cards, Tissues to keep them clean, Note book and pen.

It is Hand washable if you get any mishaps in your hand bags.
As with all felted products, best to wash separately, in luke warm water and wool wash. rinse, squeeze moisure out and reshape if necessary and dry in the shade. May be ironed with a cloth covering. Posted by Picasa

Prefelt to felted

From this stage when you have the cases formed into their shape and added the embellishments ready for them to be worked on with lots of elbow grease, hot water and detergent they make their amazing change into thick durable but soft brighty coloured cases.

For the finishing touches you have to find a button that suits, sew it on plus the loop that goes around the button that has to be sewn on also.
Above is a photo of the before, and below is the after "all finished". They always look different to what you first image. Lots of embellishments show up whilst others blend in. I always like to see a bit of glitter and a bit of mohair, thats not to say I do them all the same. All are different. Posted by Picasa

Process of Felting

Ok it looks a mess, but that what happens when you first have a felting project.
You have to find from your stash of embellishments, yarns, mohair, silk, rayon, spun yarn.

Then there is the coloured fleece, so into your stash again and the creative side hopefully happens.
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Saturday, November 8, 2008


I found this whirly-flower at the local nursery, and just had to have it.
It is so bright, orange with outline of red.
and it just whirls around and around in the wind.
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Hybiscus Flamingo Star

This lovely double hybiscus opened today and I couldnt believe how delicate it is.
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Potty about Flowers

I just love to see the bright flowers of the geranium/pelagonias hanging from the baskets.
I also went potty and found these great black buckets (yes buckets) from Bunnings. I made a few holes for drainage and now they also are very portable. Lift and handle and take to where every the sun shines.
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Pigs Can Fly

This Little Pink Piggy just loves the wind and you want to see her fly .
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