Sunday, December 27, 2009

Welcome Chrissy

It was sort of a sad day on Christmas day 2009 as Margaret our Black Chook passed away and hopefully went to Chooky heaven. R.I.P. Margaret.
I purchased Chrissy named as it was Xmas Sunday, 17 weeks old and a mixed breed especially for laying eggs long term. I have kept her in my favorite cat cage and with food and water for maybe 3 days then I will let her out in the big wild world with her new family. This is however a little bit of a worry as they have a very noticeable pecking order in my chook family. Henmerelda ( or Sid Vicious) I have nickmaned her as she has the habit of pecking my feet. She will be the boss now that Margaret has gone. I am expecting eggs from Chrissy in 2 to 3 weeks.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bromiliads Add Colour

These bromiliads add lovely colour to my side garden under the bottle brush trees. I bought them from a roadside garden stall on the way to Coramba, which I have for many years passed by wanting to stop, but found it wasn't convenient till today. I was able to wander around this garden and choose what I wanted with so many varieties to choose from. Then rang a bell when a friendly gentleman put then carefully into a box then into the back of my car.

If you look closely to this bottom photo you will spot a pussy cat hiding amongst the foliage. Thank you Barbara R.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa Rat

I'm sure thats what Santa Rat looks like. Using a red plain acrylic and a red acrylic with a fake fur apprearance I knitted them together to get this great yarn for my attempt to make it look like a santa suit. I followed a smaller version of a mice pattern that I had and with larger needles to the original pattern I came up with this Santa Rat.
Of course then I had to make a Santa Cap with white fake fur trim.
Better hide the cheese.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Jilly Our New Mini Foxy

Isnt she cut. We picked her up today. Was a little frightened in the car, but you would too if you were her.
I sat in the back seat to keep her company but before long she was in the passenger seat.
At home we introduced her to the chooks and she wasnt fussed at all.
The Dogs next door had a few barks as they have had a few visitors lately.
Not another one you could hear them think. Sorry Dogs this one is to stay.
All was quiet as I sat on my computer, I wonder where Jilly is. On the big bed.
That means when Frankie and Pip come to stay its 5 in the bed.
Born 050808 Arrived 031209. She is going to be very spoiled.Posted by Picasa

Scarf Exchange Kurrajong 2009

This is the lovely Beanie I received from this years 2009 Kurrajong Handspun Crafts Inc who did a wonderful job of co ordinating this event.
The theme was" Sunset over the Blue Mountain " and it looks like it to.
I love the curly bits on the top and I have instructions of how to do it. Thank You Barbara Fisher.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Xmas Ornaments

I have knitted this jumper and slacks using commercal mettalic yarn in red and silver knitted together. It sparkles at night time under a light.
They are in minature of course both fitting on a A4 sheet of paper.
We have been asked to bring hand made Xmas ornament for our friendship day at Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens 9th Dec.
I then had to make a coathanger for each.
My friend Barbara will be amazed as she is the one who makes knitted minatures.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scrap Beanies

My two new scrap beanies in a sort of beret style, using my left over remnants of spun wool.

I have taken the front view and back, (double click on photo for more details)
They are a bit wild and woolly looking but very fashonable and lovely and warm to wear.
I am hoping to get a few more done to show off at December market at Bellingen or our group, Coffs Harbour Spinners have their annual Fibre Art Summer Exhibition 2010 at the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens Jan 19th - 26th. Please take a note of the dates and write in your diary for a Must Do to see. Garments for Sale at reasonable prices.
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trilby and Round Felted Hats

I started out and dyed some yellow fleece using food colour and Landcape Yellow and found that they resulted in two different shades.
So I made one a Trilby and the other a standard popular Round top hat.
Then as I was in the mood and had my felting equipment about me I went and did a Tribly and Round Hat using "natural coloured black sheep fleece" which I had just received and was anxious to get my hands on it.
I had them sitting about for a couple of days so it seemed a good time today to finish the " jazzy up or decoration". Firstly I felted a yellow rope then a yellow with black yarn twisted along the rope. I knew I had some Real snake skin and have been wanting to use it amd found that with a little work I think it looks great on the dark brown Trilby. Some twisted knitted natural brown yarn and black alpaca seemed to suit the Brown Round Hat.
I added autumn coloured feathers to the Round hat and black feathers to the Trilby. Now they are ready to take to Bellingen Market this Sat 21st Nov 09.
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Topsyturvy Plug N Plant Bag

My Topsyturvy Plug n Plant Bags which I have 2.
One I have planted mini tomatoes of different varieties.

The second I planted 3 capsicum and apple cucumber.

Although not in direct sun all day they do get a lot from mid morning to afternoon. I am hoping the bugs can't find them.
I have planted other tomato plants in pots along side my house so I am expecting lots for salad in a few weeks time.
As I love gadgets it looked like it could work so I hope to post shortly to show it does and is covered in a good crop.
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Modification to my Chook House

Ok it doesnt look much, but for my 4 chooks it is their sleeping and laying quarters. After all this rain we had, the chook house needed a cleanup.
Also Henmerelda gets quite agitated when Margaret is in the nest and Henmeralda wants to lay her egg also. Her clucking is continuous and I hope not too annoying for the neigbours as Margaret is only going to exit her laying box when she is ready and not before, so this clucking seems to go on forever.
I decided to add another laying box on top of the usual one they lay in.
Just a Lawn mower catcher does the trick. Being of short supply of any timber and tools of great advantage when wanting to do any repairs I just have to use my initiative and see whats around the house, inside and out. I saw a garden chair that we don't use and to my surprise it fitted where I wanted it to go. I used the seat for the platform to hold the second floor laying bed. With a couple of stretch straps hold the chair secure.
Of course I had to have it situated away from their sleeping quarter as they also poop there and they don't lay where they poop. Would You???
They were very confused that night when they went to perch. I also notice that I had a branch that needed changing it was in their flight path, so I have now remedied the situation and tonight on checking it seemed a happy family.
Maybe I did do something right. I still have to find out if Henmerelda will use the top deck to lay her egg or is she going to cluck till Margaret is out.
Henmerelda did have a rest day today so it will be a testing time tomorrow.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Addicted to Stamps

I was so excited when my favorite parcel delivery van arrived today. I haven't been buying much lately, but when the US dollar became at more favorable to buy US I went to one of my favorite sites. Addicted to Stamps. and was again over welmed at the stamps available and which one would I buy.
There is the cat holding a fish which has printed "Just for you"
The cutest little elephant with a bunch of flowers.

The three cowes hanging over the gate with a letter in its hand.
The cow on a two wheeler bike, chook in the carry basket at front and a chook grabing hold very tight clutching the cows backside.

A Chrissmassy stamp with a mouse in a snuggly fur trimmed Xmas Stocking. A Sheep stamp, this one with the sheep wearing woollen socks.
The artwork on these stamps is excellent and of superior quality.
I love to use them to cover the envelopes and letters that I sent to my friends. I have several in my collection and if I could I would have many many more.
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pink Flowering Lilly Pilly

Syzgium "Cascade" for the nursery term, or for myself I like the Pink Flowering Lilly Pilly which has a very cascading effect which I wanted when I bought this bush. to give shelter
for the chooks to go on a hot summers day. This is the first year it has flowered, such beautiful soft pink heads which the bees love.
Above is close up of the flower, below a view of the bush with Margaret my black chook seeing if she can find a delight to eat, maybe a worm or grub.Posted by Picasa

Hippeastrum and Orchid

Hippeastrum have such a lovely flower and last week at the "Down Town Markets" Coffs Harbour, I purchased this pot with only a hint of colour showing from the buds. it has around its base small baby plants which if I look after it will be a bonus for next year.

I could not pass by on this lovely soft cane orhid when I visited the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens on Sunday. It is still in flower and I show it on my verandah.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blooming Flowers

A tiny bush rose, first to appear on the bush. I had forgotton what colour it was. I will have to move the pot it to a spot where I can enjoy it.

This is my first time for "Silver Bush- Convolvulus cneorum". I have purchased several of these as I love the flower, delicately white with a tiny yellow centre.
I have been told they are hardy so that is a word that I like to see when buying plants for my garden.
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My Spring Flowers

What a surprise see this lovely "Yellow" flower ". I bought at our local market as a deep "Red". It has several buds so I should get good value for $5

I love going to nurserys and finding new plants that are new to me as this "Scaevola- Fandancer".Deep Mauve, It is supposed to be hardy and suitable for hanging basket.

My old favorite is "Cherry Pie" which has the most fragrant "vanilla" perfume. This is last years plant which after I pruned, it has now new growth and lilac flowers
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Handspun Wool Vest

This vest I used my own handspun yarn. The yarn was shown on a previous post using cheeses from Nundle Woollen Mill. which I had spun up and dyed multi colours. I was interested to see how it knitted up so now I know.

It was equivilent to 8 ply and I used no7mm needles. Using my favourite Denise Interchangeable needles. I cast on 120 stitches. Pattern was knit 4, Purl 4 to desired length, then I cast off a few stitches for the armholes. I continued in garter stitch for the top part to stop the curling if I had used stocking stitch.
I used a garment to copy off so I cannot give you any more details.

I knitted a small I-cord tie, to bring the fronts together. or I can find a broach or leave it loose.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Vest With Cables

Finally I have finished my size 14 vest , using grey elastic cotton yarn.
I sort of followed a pattern but it is entirely different.
Especially when you use a different yarn to what a pattern suggests.
I like cables so added a couple down the back and front panels.
I did make a boo boo at the end as the back was the same size as the fronts. I hadnt thought about the back of the neck. I am sure I will remember next time.
Then when I was in the frame of mind it was finished I had to cross my fingers which is hard now that a few are shorter than they used to be. Sew it up and try it on. I am happy with the length and maybe a little wider in the front but its OK.
With my size 14 body under this vest it gives it a little more shape than a coathanger.
I used:- grey elann "esprit Cotton elastic" only 265gms. Washes and doesnt drop when washed. Keeps its shape as I has used it before with headbands as a trial run.
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