Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Galahs Temporary Home

Rabbit Rabbit, cough cough and the loudest squeeks come from this large cage at the side of my house. My sister is moving house and for a few days these two galahs (no names) will live here until they are ready to move the whole cage to their new grounds.
Don't put your fingers or any bodily part near them as they have the hardest bite and does it hurt.
It was orginally for their cat who love to curl up inside, then it had matting and other things cats like, but now long grass is inside. We added extra perches for them, water bowls and feed trays.
I covered the back with black builders plastic which I use for the chookies cages as it is cheaper than tarps but will keep them a little dryer but a little rain wont hurt them. They are birds and used of rain.
I will have to find another place for my hanging geraniums and other pot plants when it is removed.
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Felt Magazine Issue 4

I am always happy to receive a magazine in the post and can't wait till my chores are done and I can sit with a cuppa and go through it.
Yarn magazine and Felt magazine arrived the same day so it was a bonus.
I flick through rather fast then start at the beginning and take it slowly reading the articles.
It was the Felt magazine that when I reached page 44and 45 I took an extra look as it was the article that Grace Brambley talked to both Kerry and I about her writing it. I hope some people get to read it and take note that Kerry has been doing this for some time and put her heart and soul into her creations.
When ever I call around which is always the Friday before Bellingen market day to load up the van with our stock. She has pots of wool dyeing, wool hanging on the line drying and displayed in her lounge room ( well used to be).

I have know Kerry for a long time now and between us run a very friendly Market stall where clients can chat and ask questions and we answer as best we can.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hand Felted Glasses Cases

What a bright selection of Glasses Cases and different sizes. Many uses
either for glasses, sun glasses, camera, phone. notepads and pens. scissors and tape measures.
I start using hand dyed colour tops of merino fleece then add bits of dyed mohair, spun yarn, glitter, or what ever that I have in my stash to create a pleasing texture.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hand Felted Red Hat With Flowers

A very striking red hand felted hat with a couple of flowers attached to give it a bit of glamour. I used merino fleece which gives it a lovely texture.
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Hand Felted Wide Brim Hats

A motled grey wide brim hand felted hat

A dark green wide floppy brim hand felted hat
These hats will be for sale at this months December Bellingen Market weather permitting.Posted by Picasa