Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daisey The Silkie X

I think Daisey is a stunning looking Chook. Her top silkie feathers are jet black with a black shinny beak. The Feathers have streaks of steel grey, white with darker feathers at the back. She was born 29th May 2010 and her first egg 12th Nov.2010 after her batch of eggs she then went clucky thinking she had to hatch them, but of course I take the eggs daily from their nest. Silkies arent the best layers and go clucky after laying about 12 eggs but they are just so cute to look at.
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My Backyard Friends

It was 1st September 2011 that I picked up 7 day old Rhode Island Red X with New Hemshire chickens. they are now about 24 weeks so in the next couple of weeks they should be laying. They are a delight to have in my backyard.
This is Ginger, she stands out from the rest as she has a distinct white band of white feathers just down from her base of the neck at the back.
This is Fooee a rather strange looking rooster unlike my silkies does not have the fluffy silkie feathers on top of her head but has a cone which has grown on a slant very similair to her brother Louee, who started crowing very early is now wandering with other roosters on a farm as I could not keep him as I live in a built up area.
I hatched out Louee & Fooee 21st August and Fooee has just started crowing which to me is unusual to suddenly turn out to be a rooster with his unusual crow not fully developed. I will keep him till her becomes a nuisance.
I watch my girls from my kitchen window when washing the dishes and laugh at their actions of either finding a worm, resting and having a sunbake, and they even have stare out competitons between 2 chooks. I have them free range during the day and a rainproof Henhouse for them to sleep at night. The garden has plenty of shady spots and I have many bowls of water for them during these hot days. They have found a good dust bath spot behind the house inbetween some pot plants.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mittens the Himalayan Cat

This is Mittens the beautiful Himalayan Cat. She was rescued and is now living a lovely life with her new caring Mom. Mittens grows extra long soft fur during winter and towards summer it has to be combed regularly so that she won't get fur -balls .
Her Mom has collected the fur and kept it in a bag hoping someone could spin it up. I was given the fur in hoping that I could justice to it.
As previous post you can see the proceedure I had to go through, but I was very happy with the result and so after handing the spun yarn to her, she was too.
The owner "D" gave me money for my effort which I doubled it and sent off to the R.S.P.C.A. Queensland Flood relief appeal. I received a lovely letter back,so hopefully we have a better well fed animal. People who read this please donate to this worthy cause. Especially if You own an animal and know how much pleasure it gives to You. Our animals are very precious and can't turn to Insurance Companies for money. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Himalayan Cat Fur Spun Up

I was given some of Mittens the Himalayan cat's FUR (by its owner) and asked if I could spin it up for her. I carden it with my 18 micron merino fleece in 50% fleece to 50% fur. I then spun it up on my Babe Spinning Wheel.
I did try to spin it not too thick. In places I just let the fur just be fur and not a blend and at times the Merino just came through. I then plied it back with white pure wool yarn.
Washed it in shampoo and the rinsed in hair conditioner.( as it is special )
I am now hoping the cat owner is happy with it and able to knit a scarf or beanie as a gesture to her beloved cat.
From top to bottom photos " Cat fur and fleece" "Cat fur and merino fleece carded" " Finished spun yarn hanging on the clothes line after being washed " "close up view"Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red and Pink/Blue Holee Scarf

Just a couple more scarfs I have felted using the proceedure I have briefly described in an earlier post, my technique.
With most hand made garments everyone is individual and never end up the same.

We use different fibres and different applications which makes an entirely different result.
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Making a Felted Scarf

First start with your chosen fibre, this time I was given a small 50 grams of two different pinks and a yellow merino fibre plus some glitter and angelina.
From Tasmania house of Fibre.

I work in my garage on two tables to make the length I require.
Lay plastic to protect your tables.
Using material as my template for the size of my working scarf I laid that on the table.
Using random colours of felt (on top of my template) I laid out the edges then filled in with swirls and spikes and whatever, to fill most the inside.
Then I used glitter and angelina to highlight spots.
I found in my stash a suitable yarn and laid that on top
Cover with a nylon material as this will hold the laid out scarf ready for felting

Using Hot soapy water drizzle over it all and rub gently at first with a plasic bag in your hand. Keep rubbing until you feel it has slightly felted. Lift nylon and look at scarf and touch and repair any places that need it.
Replace nylon and rub for many times.
Lift nylon and then remove scarf of under template.
The scarf is now ready for the throwing which I do in this process instead of using a bamboo blind. Throwing many times and then looking at it and throw again till it is ready. Holes will form but that is what I was after.
When I am happy I rinse well and final in fabric softner.
Hang to dry and when dry, iron carefully.Its now ready to show it off and wear and hope someones says ."thats a lovely scarf, Did You make It ?" "Yes"
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holee Felted Scarf x 2 (Purples)

These two scarfs may look the same but different in feeling as top one is slightly thicker and less holes. Being that top one I felted more and different fleece.
I used 18 micron predyed merino fleece and added embellishments of glitter,
raw silk thread and mauve rayon thread.

The bottom scarf I was given a small packet of black purple grey merino mixed with pink and orange silk carded together. I just had to make a scarf with it so as after I first laid out the carded fleece and found in my stash embellishments to compliment it. Glitter, angelina, mohair rayon thread was used.
I made more holes it this scarf and as the small packet was given to me by a special friend I am keeping this scarf for myself.
I am taking these scarfs to be on display and also for sale at the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens Spinners Exhibition that will be held Jan 21st to 26th.Posted by Picasa

Holee Felted Scarf x 2 ( Pink,)(White&Black)

These scarfs are supposed to have holes, which make it light to wear as well as giving warmth around the neck.
The black and white I first laid out 18 micron merino natural white fleece and then added embellishments of a black yarn I had in my stash and another black fine pure wool thread let it fall on the scarf.

The pink scarf was pre dyed pink 18 micron merino fleece which I laid out and in my stash found a pink glitter, pink angelina, pinkish grey mohair, and pale pink rayon thread that I just let it fall on the scarf.
Making these scarfs I only used one layer and are very delicate to make ,on purpose I made the holes to create just something different to a plain scarf. They are only short in length but enough to make a tie with them. Posted by Picasa