Sunday, February 13, 2011

Orange Beanie & Scarfette

C.R Hope you like this Orange Beanie and Scarfette Set should be arriving in the mail this week. Keep the chilling winds away.
Using merino fleece, spun it up on my Babe Spinning Wheel, dyed it using Rust and yellow, then knitted using my denise circular needles and then using the magic loop method ( no double pointed needles required).
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Snake in the Hen House

In checking for eggs this morning looking in the left side box was curled this rather large python snake.
It was carefully and quickly popped in my very usefull cat cage.
My neighbour who is well into snakes said it was very full probably from rats. All my chooks seemed to be about and I collect eggs daily.
This happened last year and I lost my lovely Rumball. The Snake was let out in the bush about 7 kms away. It was about 4 metres long.
I just hope it hasnt any memories and comes back again. Best left in the banana plantations.
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R.I.P. Henmeralda (SID)

Henmeralda Passed away 3.00 pm.Sat.5.2.11 The old girl she lived as we worked out to be over 10 years old and laid many many large white eggs up till abut 3 days before her passing.
She was the BOSS of all the girls and was rather vicious it seemed to me towards the other chooks as they were afraid to eat from the same bowl as they knew they would be pecked.
I named her SID Vicious as she pecked the back of my bare legs or bare feet in thongs when I went to the shed to grain. The name stayed.
Jilly my little dog and Sid had many confrontations. Sid loved to come inside via the broken fly wire screen which we called the "Doggy door" the as well as the "Chookie door."
When Jilly saw Sid inside she would go for her tail to pick on her feathers and Sid would generally turn around to peck her ,but wouldnt, then escape fastly out the Chookie door.
Sid generally left a donation (not money) (wheres the mop?)
Jilly in this photo is eatting bread given to the chooks, If its good enough for them its good enough for me.Posted by Picasa


I was very happy to see this egg what I believe 99% sure it is from one of my Rhode Island Red X New Hemshire chooks.
It was sitting on the newspaper where one off them roosts at night.
I took the photo with the egg sitting on one of my many potholders with a poultry theme.
This egg is just a bit darker than my usual eggs and with speckles on it.
Now I expect 6 others to follow. I wish there was a way I could tell who's egg is who's??Posted by Picasa