Sunday, February 21, 2010

T-Shirt Blue -Earflap Design

This T-Shirt I have taken a photo of a previous Earflap Beanie which I have handspun/dyed and knitted and used it to show off on a blue t-shirt.
At present this isnt for sale unless I get a few interested Sale enquiries.
Back of T-Shirt : Hand Spun & Hand Dyed & Knitted Beanie.
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T-Shirt for Bellingen Market

I have just had a few T-Shirts printed to advertise our stall at Belling Market.
written on front " Kerry & Kaye's stall at Belligen market 3rd Sat/Mth.
then I have a print of my favorite sheep stamp with the words below
Wool Tops all Colours, Hand Spun and Dyed yarn, Beanies, Felt hats and Much More to See. with our email addresses.
I only have 3 x size 14 ladies for Sale, so please email for details, I will get more done if I have a good response.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yellow, Blue, Red, Berettes.

How bright these colours are for winter to brighten up your day.
Handspun wool and dyed just the one overall colour a little different to my multi range. My pattern altered for each berette so I get a different shape.
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Milly & Jilly Cruising.

I coudn't resist taking this photo of Milly (black and white sheep dog) and my Jilly ( white and beige patchy fox terrier) sitting in the car whilst work was being done inside my house with the nail gun.
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Kitchen Renovations.

I have waited patiently for my kitchen to be renovated and finally it has started.
My house would have been built around the 1980 or before.
The brown archway, cupboards , pantry, sink pulled out, flooring ripped up and tiles taken off.
Not being a DIY in the building department, I volunteered to make the Cuppas and pour cold drinks as it is very hot inside.
I have family that are doing the work so as they get time off a few more hours is spent on it. Meals is a little awkward in preparation. Jug in bathroom, dishes to be washed in the laundry, but as long as my knitting chair is available and spinning wheel nearby I am happy.
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Earflap Beanie Multi Colours Feb 2010

Warm, colourful & fashionable these Earflap beanies a must for winter this year and next. Lhs/ Blue, red, orange and green multi mix. Rhs/Green, black, orange & yellow mix. I handspun 16 micron merino which is so soft and dyed it to these lovely colours.

Lhs/Black and galah pink I chose with a touch of white, Rhs/ Autumn tones of brown, green and suntan yellow with a touch of white. I handspun wool that I purchased from Nundle Woollen Mills and dyed them as described.
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