Friday, August 27, 2010

Daisy and Maisey 13 wks

I can't believe that Daisy and Maisey are about 13 wks old. They are so cute with their fluffy tops they look like a Miss Pompadour.
Maybe I can add a few feathers in my designer wool???Posted by Picasa

Chicks born 21st Aug 2010

About 3 days old let me introduce you to Miss Lulu who was looked after by mum Fluffy who didnt watch over her and she slipped under the wire due to my not so perfect cage making. I found her in the morning cold and cherping loudly for her Mum. I took her and had to keep her warm for the day and try and teach her to eat and drink. By the end of the day she was cherrp cherrping very loudly and as night came and darkness I lifted the other Mum (unnamed but a twin so look so much alike I cant tell them apart)and put Lulu under her. To my delight Lulu was one of the gang and althought a little slower than the three was watching and feeding and New Mum was looking after her.
Now a family of four chicks, Lulu, Fifi, Polly and Rosie are cared for by their sarragate Mum. She is very vicious when you try and look under her. I have a very sore finger to prove it.
Keeping a watchful eye on her babies. Mum is a unknown breed but has a Bantam/Silky XX and the babies will be the same. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Metrosideros Fiji Fire and Tibouchina Jazzie

Double click to see larger view.
I have a very unsightly back fence which was once hidden by a Ginger plant that was slowly overtaking the lawn with its fast growing rhizomes. It was removed and I planted cotton plants. The Pest attacked them so it was time for them to go and this time I have planted two well established Fiji Fire (Metrosideros) I had never heard of this plant before. The new growth are coloured pinkish very similar to lilly pillys. Has an orangey flower which I am eagerly waiting as photos don't show the flower. It is hardy, not too tall plant and with two planted side by side hopefully hide this fence.
The Tibouchina Jazzie is also new to me as I do have the Alstonville and Nola growing and are in flower most of the year. The Jazzie is a smaller bush and it has replaced a Camelia that I had on my front lawn.
My chooks are very interested in when I take shovel to dirt as there generally is a tasty worm or bug to find. Then after planting I have to place rocks and mesh to keep the chooks from digging/scratching up the plants.Posted by Picasa