Monday, June 20, 2011

Black & Gold hand Felt Hat

This black felt hats looks very smart with a very pretty gold ribbon and I found a very nice beaded gold jewellery piece to sew on the front.
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Red and Purple Hand Felt Hat

Red felt hat with a red purple flower embellished with purple tussah silk.
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Flowery Hand Felt Hats

I've gone all flowery with these hand felted hats.
Lavender, Autumn tones , Sky blue

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Hat Shapers

I used one of these hat shapers to shape this little black wet felted hat.
There are so many styles and if you think you would like one or many please contack Sue Mott .
or www.Highland Felting & Fibre Supplies
or ring her 03 64961942
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Winter Felt Hats

Why not look smart and sophistocated in one of these felt hats.
I have wet felted the blue and red using merino fleece and added a flower to show it off.

Winter Beanies 2011

Different styles, to keep us warm these cold winter days.
Honey, Blueberry & Raspberry shades.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dark Brown Felt Hat

This hat I used natural dark brown fleece from South Australia and a little courser than I use for most of my hats being 18 micron Merino, but I like a change and each fibre gives a different result.
I made this hat using the larger size resist and therefor a larger crown and brim.
I added embellishments of green/brown silk and two commercial yarns in those tonings to give it texture.
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Sapphire Blue Felt Hat

Wide Brim with embellishments of Silk, Rayon & commercial yarn are a feature of this Hand Felted Hat.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Erupting Volcano Felt Hat

Earth ,Water, Wind, Fire is the theme for this years Alice Springs Beanie Festival 2011. I am entering this in the competition and see if I have any luck but after being up at Alice Springs a couple of years back and seeing the competition entries I havent much luck, but I would be happy to sell it.
If have just finished this hat and have packed it away with other beanies and spun wool yarns.
I used pre dyed merino fleece and tussah silk and angelina (glitter) for embellishement.
It would fit a large size head but probably worn at a party or for a Fun event.

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Alpaca Suri Beanie

An earlier post shows me carding alpaca suri very dark reddish chocolate brown.
It wasn't long before I spun it up and knitted this beanie. I found this scorpian in a shop so sewed it on. Rather gruesome.

Below is the other alpaca I spun up and knitted a soft beret type beanie.
It looks like I have a strip of darker colour alpaca but it just happened that way

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Suri Alpaca Carded- Bonnie

I was given a bag of reddish brown Suri Alpaca its name Bonnie and as I had previously washed a handull of it. I first used that on my Wild Carder. I was pleasantly surprised at the result as it looked similar to human hair and carded easily.
After finishing an amount I decided that it would be a little differcult for me to spin, so found a previous bag of similar colour alpaca wool mix that I carded my suri in with this mix. I ended up with about 300gms.
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Carding ALPACA

The sun was out this morning so sitting on my verandah decided to card some alpaca that I was given on my Wild Carder.
It was just off white with a light brown tinge. I did wash a small amount previously so used that first but I wanted to card more of this Alpaca (Crystal)
I carded up about 170grms.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scarf Exchange 2011

Scarf Exchange 2011 is being organised by the HANDWEAVERS SPINNERS AND DYERS GUILD OF TASMANIA.. theme : Head: Shoulders :Knees
I received 150gms of white Corridale fleece and my instructions stated that I could dye it and the sender would like either Head or Shoulders.
I decided to felt a hat so first I had to dye the fleece Red.
When the time came I had to look for what I was going to embellish it with.
I found in my stash pre-dyed black & pre-dyed red tussah silk. red glitter and some commercial yarn with black red green combined.
After the hat was completed I had some fleece left over so again with the same red/black silk spun up some yarn and knitted one of my scarfettes. It also could be worn as a head band. Now I hope the felted hat when sent by post doesnt end up flat and out of shape. I will have to think of a good way to pack it.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its A Dogs Life

Milly ( black and white Border Collie) and Jilly ( brown and white Mini foxy x Jack Russel x Wippet x Kangaroo) Having a restfull time white I am busy going about my daily tasks. Where the bloodddy hell am I going to sit.?????
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Hand Felted Hats April Show

Hand felted hats are very nice to wear and they dress up an outfit. These 3 styles are colourful and each have a bit of decoration added to them.
These will be for sale at Bellingen Market.Posted by Picasa

White Alpaca Beanie

I was given some lovely white alpaca and spun it up. Left it white as white is a popular colour. Made for a lady who likes her beanies to hang loose.
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Designer Yarn Beanies

When I have spun up some designer yarn I always wonder what style is best suited. Top beanie I spun up the softest light blue merino with white mohair and glitter yarn. Pattern used is Knit 2 Purl 2 wide band with a long body allowing for a good head of hair. Below is designer yarn I spun up using natural black alpaca with dyed mohair . Similar style for a close hugging beanie
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Coiled Beanies No 2

I have been enjoying knitting up this style beanie. Everyone is different. Grey has an extended body allowing for long hair, Green has only a short body and fits close to the head and the Red has a longer body and an opening at the end for a pony tail to hang out of.
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