Wednesday, September 30, 2009

kayes Scarf Exchange 2009

This year the Scarf Exchange is being organised by the Kurrajong Handspun Crafts Inc. I received my parcel of what I call teal blue merino. I spun up the teal merino and when plying back added a little contrast color and texture using my pre dyed deep wine coloured mohair and teal blue mohair with burgundy woollen thread and red mettalic thread to give a little sparkle.
As the exchangee didn't request a certain garment I thought a Beret would be a suitable. With the yarn left over I made a small scarfette which is just a little scarf to keep the neck warm.
Now I have to post it back with Marlenes and see what we receive in return.

I hope the lady who sent the parcel likes the Beret and scarfette.Posted by Picasa

Marlene's Scarf Exchange 2009

What a lovely scarf Marlene has crochet for this years Scarf Exchange at Kurrajong Handspun Crafts Inc.
Using lovely beige wool. Marlene spun it up and added pre dyed yellow and orange wisps of mohair to dress up the colour.
I know I would be lucky to received such a lovely scarf.
Marlene is a very talented lady when it comes to wool. She can spin it, knit it, crochet it, felt it.
A member of the Coffs Spinners who has inspired us with her own designs.
She is also a good cook and often brings a plate for us to sample.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rich & Dark Fudge Cake

This is a very quick. yummy rich dark fudge cake which I baked in my Turbo Cooker, using a new plastic baking dish.
Recipe as follows:- Makes one 8" x 8" /20 x 20 cm cake
Baking Time: 30 mins.
1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup cocoa, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda,
1/2 tsp salt, 1 egg slightly beaten, 1/2 cup milk, 1/4 cup vegetable oil,
1 tsp vanilla, 1/2 cup boiling water.
In a large mixer bowl combine dry ingredients, add egg, milk,oil, and vanilla and beat on medium speed for 2 minutes. Stir in boiling water. Pour into greased cake pan.
Oven temp 350F or 175C, Bake for 30 Minutes. Let cool down in pan for 10 minutes.
Remove and ice/frost when cool.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My backyard

I just love the bushy red pompoms of the emu bush.

The May bush always flowers September, so why dont they call it the September Bush?
Its covered in tiny clusters of white flowers almost snowflake looking.

My Black Mulberry tree is covered with green to ripening fruit. The black fruit are lovely and sweet but sometimes you bite in not so ripe and very tarty.
I have hung a couple of CDs to deter the birds.
When I first found this plant in a tub, silly me thought it was a hybiscus till some lady told me it was a Mulbery. This year I didnt prune it and it is getting tall.
Maybe that is the reason more fruit, or all the rain we had or just it has become more mature.
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Franky and Pip

Kerry left her two little dogs with me whilst she has gone to New Zealand for a Felting Convergence. I'm sure she will enjoy herself and see wonderfull creative felt works.
I think Franky and Pip feel at home already. They have met the four chooks and don't seem a problem except where meat bones are concerned , its finders keepers.
I have given them the couch for a bed as they are guests.
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Puppy Pugs, Bear & Peg

Next door to me arrived last week two cutest Pug Puppies, male "Bear" and female "Peg." I took this photo of them peeping at me through the fence.
They really enjoyed having their photo taken.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silk Paper Workshop

I was lucky to sit on a workshop by Lorraine Parker who demonstrated Silk Paper using Tussah Silk. it is worth a look to see her beautiful works.
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Bargain Hunting Coffs Harbour Quilt Show

I love broaches, and I found three. A large Button. A Large green lookalike stone surrounded by gold work, and a very unusual broach with several small charms, stuck on a backing of brass.
Then lovely embroidery scissors, brass and a pink painted design pair.
An imitatiom diamond strand which I found just the right size to wear aound my ankle.
I have never seen this before but is narrow strips of chenile. Sew in the middle then wash and it fluffs up like chenile. I am thinking it could be great for my hats as embellishments.
A collection of Bling, small beads sewn to look like flowers a certainty for my hats.

I couldn't go past getting a selection of cotton material with the theme of chooks.I guess I can make a few pot holders or mats for the kitchen.Posted by Picasa

Coffs Harbour Quilt Tables

Top photo shows Kerry and My table, displaying what we had for sale and example of our works. Kerry had her lovely coloured wool tops and packets of her mohair, silks, ready for any creative textile artist for their supplies.
Kerry did a workshop on Nuno felted scarf and her Ashford Wild Drum carder.

Sitting next to us was a lovely lady Lorna who was representing Klema's Punch Embroidery. I was totally fascinated as well as the many people who stopped and was given a punch needle and worked a piece given to them by Lorna and before long they were working this embroidery. The kookaburra photo is an example of what you can achieve when you purchase a kit from her and with many pictures to choose from.
She sold out of the kookaburra very early as it was very popular.
Web site: it is worth a look.
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Coffs Harbour Quilt Show Tables

I quickly took these photos of the tables ready for the rush of customers on Friday morning from then on till Sunday 2.30pm
I was totally amazed at the beautiful pieces and quality of craftmanship that was available. Kits of all kinds to make, pillows, stuffed animals, napkin holders. bags. quilts.
Fabrics of all colours and design. then there were the beads, jewelery.
hand made clothes. Sewing machines, Embellishment machines etc.
All for you to try and buy.
Free workshops available to help you with your creative side.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Hand Spun Yarns

I just love looking at the colour of these multi coloured hanks of yarn.
I guess I am allowed to say it. I used the Cheeses from Nundle so they are more of an even thickness.
I am hoping to find time to knit up a pair of socks, as I am getting enticed with all these socks patterns available as they look so good.
Then this (bottom) photo is of my own spun wool using carded pre-dyed fleece, blending and plying back with matching yarn and some metalic thread
Plus black alpaca with many coloured mohairs randomly spun in.
Also a finely spun up yarn of multi dyed tussah silk in greys to maroon.
If you are thinking what are these Cheeses, refer to earlier post 15th July 09 as I have From Cheese to Yarn. If I have room at the Quilt Show Coffs Harbour I will have them for sale.Posted by Picasa

Feathers on Felted Hats No 2

More hand felted hats for the Quilters Show at Coffs Harbour Race Course.
Even a couple for the fellas using natural brown/black Romney fleece.
I just love the emu feathers that I purchased at Alice Springs Beanie Festival 2009.
Double click to see hats in detail. A little bling/glitter has been used as embellishment.Posted by Picasa

Feathers on Felted Hats No 1

I have been busy creating hand felted hats for the Quilters Show at Coffs Harbour Race Course Sept 11th - 13th.

First I had to dye the fleece, so I had lots of fun in the back of my garage, with pots of dye, and the microwave working continuously.
Then I had to get down to the hard yakka. Making about 3 hats a day, then there is the embellishment and decoration that makes a hat special.
I was lucky I had in my stash a collection of beautiful feathers, so with a little colour co-ordination I hope I have created a stylish hat.
My personal hat is the one bottom photo, middle, greens and rust with a point with coloured feathers sew in the peak. I will wear that during the quilters show.Posted by Picasa