Monday, March 23, 2009

Metalic Designer Yarn

I didnt think I could spin up any yarn after my accident with my right hand, but with perserverance, using my Babe Spinning Wheel I am happy with the result.

Using white merino 22 micron for each bobbin and plying a different colour metalic thread, I then dyed them to blend in.
Red metalic thread & burgundy wool yarn: Dyed red/brown/black.

Blue metalic thread & blue wool yarn: Dyed sapphire blue/green.

Mauve metalic thread & pink wool yarn: Dyed purple/shades blue.
The metalic yarn gives this hand spun wool a wonderful Zing, with Bling, thanks to Ning.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Special glove

I designed my own glove to wear to protect my sore hand, which thanks to Lorraine and Marlene knitted them up, I will wear one to this Saturday's Bellingen Market.
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Accident Right Hand

Just incase you were looking for some amazing entry to my blogg, I have to inform you that I had a stupid accident with the lawn mower.
It happened on the 28th Feb,
Hand bandaged as I shorted my 3 middle fingers. The surgeon had to mend them by taking them to below the nail level and pulled the skin over to make a top.
I have had the original bandage taken off and the stitches removed which wasnt that pleasant, ouch ouch ouch.
My fat 3 fingers can move but no knitting, spinning, dyeing, felting, gardening for sometime, also typing on my computer is rather differcult.
I must take this time to express my thanks and excellent service I received by the ambulance team, emergency staff as well as the day surgery team and skilled surgeon plus the nurses that have re-dressed my bandages, at the Coffs Harbour Base Hospital.

During this stressfull time I have been given words of sadness, stupidity, and asking me if they can help in anyway. So I thank my many friends.

It will take time ,but i'm sure I will be back behind the Spinning Wheel or knitting needles soon . I am now looking for a good glove/ mitten to knit then wear.

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