Friday, August 21, 2009

Eggs and Bacon for Lunch

I would like to introduce you to Margaret the Black Chook who arrived after
I received a very distressing phone call to say would I take Margaret as the rest of her family had been attacked, and Margaret survived.

Of course I said Yes and she has proved a much loved Chook and after a few altercations to start with, my Ruby, Henmerelda and Penny they have become one big happy family. They are free range and are fed the best of foods from my kitchen. ( leftovers).
This was amazing egg that Margaret layed on the right hand side to her normal laying egg. I just knew it had to be double yoker and it was.
So how better to have it freshly fried with bacon and lovely buttered toast.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Felt Like a Change

I felted these two hats last year and with all my knitting just didnt finish them.
With a hand knitted flower which was knitted and felted by Yvonne it made the right touch to a close to the head, tan felted hat.

With the deep burgundy hat I managed to dye a matching band and felted flower.
This hat has a brim and very flattering to wear.
Its getting closer to warmer weather but I am sure we still have many days when we want to be a little glamorous and at the same time keep warm, pop on a felt hat and enjoy.