Saturday, October 30, 2010

Frankie & Pip come to stay

Frankie & Pip came to stay whilst his Mum and Dad had to go away for the weekend and I was given the enjoyable task of looking after them. My little dog Jilly just loves them and even let them sleep in the guest room bed.
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New Bed and Accessories

It was time to get a new Queen size bed and after trying many settled on this very bouncy chiropractor approved one. Then I had to get a couple of new King size doona and quilts as the Queen size doona looked like a pimple on a pumpkin. The King size hangs nicely over the mattress just showing the base.
Sweet Dreams zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Maisey now Marvin

Oh No was that a crow.???? Yes it was, now Maisey seems to be a rooster so guess we have to call him Marvin (front right).
It is now well into 19 weeks when it is when Hens first start laying. I am waiting for Daisy to lay her first egg.
As for (left) Chrissy the black chook is a dud. I first thought that she may have laid an egg but it could not have been hers as she does go into the pen and sit but leaves nothing behind. If anyone has a solution to my problem I would like to know.
How do I get her to lay??. Fluffy ( left behind) is a good layer but goes clucky often and not a good mother. (Right behind) is one of my last babies and growing fast. So cute.
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Hoppy Recovered

Hoppy is no longer hopping and is now hard to tell which one she is when all the other 6 Rhode Island Reds X are pecking about. She does seem to be very friendly when I am potting about in their section of the garden. I am trying to make it look pleasing to the eye as well as chook friendly. Having placed a few hanging baskets about and now in the process of erecting a support for some large bean seeds I was given and now popping their heads from the soil.
Also I have a tub full of Jap Pumpkins seedlings that need to have some support very soon so again I have to think what am I going to do. I have just started with the bird cage wire and timber I collected from the street collection I think I will be able to manage.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hoppy out in the Sunshine

Poor Hoppy has a limp due to a sore claw. I have put her in my cat cage and nighly I bath it in salt water and dust on some antiseptic powder. At least it should not get infected as it may have if she was outside with germs.
She is getting special treatment with food treats. I am not quite sure if her foster Mum is going to take her back time will tell. I have her outside in the sunshine. Her extended family visit her to get some food that I have given her plus extra for all. The silky x are looking like they will have the fluffy head as at first it didnt seem to appear but as they grow bigger it is more noticeable.
The Rhode Island Red X is what hoppy is, are growing and getting their pin feathers. My back yard is alive with not only them but visiting pigeons and the odd Raven.

It is nice to see sunshine after a good two weeks of rain. The chook yard was very muddy underfoot not that they minded extra worms must have been popping their heads up. Wrong if your the worm. It was who could run the fastest would get it. I have taken my knitting outside to sit and to watch them. You forget your problems and get to soothe the inner soul watching them. Who cares about housework. tomorrow will do.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Felted Soap, Soap, Soap

What lovely felted soap covers of all designs happen when given a cake of soap and coloured merino fleece, water and detergent. I was given the task of demonstration to lots of lovely ladies at the Coffs Showground Gallery. A seniors day held trying to get other ladies aware of other crafts besides sewing and knitting.
I am sure the ladies enjoyed the day and thrilled with the felted soap that they made.
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Felted Flower Power

Its amazing what beautiful flowers are created using some coloured merino fleece, soap and water. To the delight of many women attending the Coffs Showground for seniors, 9th Oct.10. when the ladies from the spinners and weavers took time to show the local ladies what they could do. It surprised them all of the final flower that emerged. I can see Coffs Harbour streets being brightened up with ladies wearing flowers in their hair, on their bags or hats.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty Pink Beanie

I hand spun up some pre carded mix of pinks and violet hand dyed merino wool which also had some mohair mixed in. I plied it back with pink glitter thread and added some angelina as well. When I finished this yarn it didnt have as much length as I usually use so I only knitted it as a cap style.
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Head Hugging Beanie

This dark green beanie is knitted using hand spun/dyed merino wool.
I knitted it on circular needles. First 4 rows plain then 4 rows purl and continued in this way but decreased stitches towards the end. This beanie will stretch to take a full head of hair or just sit snug on the head.

It is one of my favorite designs.
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My Dreddy Beanies 2

More dreddy beanies using merino hand spun/dyed yarn.
refer earlier post for information .
They suit male or female persons and each beanie is a one off.

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My Dreddy Beanies

You may laugh at these creations but they do look good on. Using hand spun/ dyed merino wool I knit in random rows using different colours. I am lazy and leave the ends poking out instead of weaving in the ends.

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Glasses Gases With Embellishments

I had a request for a large size glasses case so I made these.

I used as a base pre dyed merino fleece and added after pre- felting embellishments of mohair, silk waste, glitter, angelina and some short pieces of spun yarn. I found a large button for each in matching colour.
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