Sunday, June 13, 2010

Warm Beanies

Warm Beanies for those cold nights, this time I went to my stash of colour wool tops and carded random colours and added white merino fleece to give it a clean fresh yarn. I used lots of white for top beanie and only picked up a few colours as I went along.
Earflap beanie I used a length of one colour then a length of another colour then a length of another colour and so on,but not exactly the same length.
I was hoping for a multi striped effect.
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Cute Beanies for Bratz

I have been asked for small beanies and beanies with earflaps so thats what I have been knitting up at night watching T.V. I just hope I have the right sizes and colours, but it is hard to please everybody. I get lots of comments about how cute they are. Its time now to rug up the kids and a beanie is the best thing.
The Bratz dolls bring lots of attention from the little folk and they make great models for the beanies.Posted by Picasa

Lady Godiva Scarf

Just something different I went into my commercial stash box and found the yarns I like and using two strands at one time knitted the length sideways. I had too many stitches, but didnt find out before it was too long. Will suit a Lady Godiva who is brave enough to wear it.
Lots of yarn went into this scarf, lovely tones of soft browns, oranges and lemons.Posted by Picasa

Warm Scarfs

Top Scarf using wool from Nundle Woollen Mills. I loved the colours of a hank of wool I spun up so knitted a length which was to be a scarf. Not knowing how much length I was going to get found it was not long enough so it was back to my spinning wheel to knit more yarn then the memory had to go back to the colours I used. I thought it safe just using two colours and used the royal blue and a green. I then used half my spun yarn on the front and picked up stitch on the back and knitted them the same length. I had spun up another two colours similar to my first section and used that for the fringing. I will take it to Bellingen Market and have it for sale but if no sale I will keep it and hopefully match the green boots I have ordered from WallabyTracks which I hope will be next to us 19th June.
Using Nundle Wool I spun up plenty this time for a scarf. Some how in my plying back I spun it back t he same way I spun it up and I thought I had made a huge mistake. It had so much stretch in it. I went ahead and dyed it Red and Blue.
I was interested to see how it knitted up and to my biggest surprise it knitted up great and using no 10mm needles gives it a lacey look. I dont know if I will do it again and it will work. But I love it and wore it today with my new red boots.
I took the photos outside on a beautiful autumns day and the sun must have caught the lens of the camera.Posted by Picasa

Alpaca & Merino Scarf/Beanie

Using black alpaca and natural white merino micron 18, I carded together, then spun it up plied it back with white wool yarn and silver glitter yarn.
With the yarn I first calculated approx length and amount for fringe. Then I cast on 8 stitches and using No 20mm needles knitted
till I was happy with the length.
I still had left over yarn so I knitted a beret but had to add just black alpaca which I had in my stash. I will take it to Bellingen Market to see if I have a buyer if not I will keep it for myself as I do love the softness of it and you can wear black and white accessories with any outfit plus I have just bought a lovely black jacket.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maisey & Daisey Chickens

Maisey and Daisey arrived Friday 29th May 2010 by surrogate Mother (one of the twins) I made a separate Maternity ward for Mum and the chicks away from the other hens. They are just so small probably being of bantam breed and goodness knows who the father rooster is?.
The twin is such a good mother and protects and tells her babies that food is available.
Maisey is pale in colour with dark markings splashed about her body while Daisey is dark with white markings. They have a little Silkie breed x bantam breed.Posted by Picasa