Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spinners Exhibition: Botanic Gardens Coffs Harbour

Top: Spun-kayes display of hand spun/dyed and knitted beanies, dragon and crocodile scarf.
Middle : Spun-kayes display of hand felted bags, placemats, hand spun knitted baby booties and head bands knitted with stretch cotton.
For more information check out previous "posts"
Bottom: Kerrys nuno felted wraps, waist wraps and felted hat and scarves.
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Spinners Exhibition: Botanic Gardens Coffs Harbour

Top: Vons lovely hand crochet topped teatowels.
Middle: Kerrys beautiful hand dyed wool tops,
and hand felted garments.
Bottom: Kerrys hand felted stylish hats and scarves. Posted by Picasa

Spinner Exhibition at Botanic Gardens

Top: Barbara and Bobs table
Middle: Lorraine
Bottom: Marlene
What a lovely selection of hand spun & fibre display.
From woven baskets to crochet caps and beautiful lacey wraps.
too many to mention. best to click on to make pictures larger to view.
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Penny Testing Her New Bed

Penny the chook looking very comfortable in her new home. Until now my three chooks, Ruby, Henmerelda and Penny lived in a small bird cage and thanks to my generous neighbour they gave me a larger cage for my girls. They must have liked it as today I was awarded with two eggs. Not every day I get 3 eggs. They are totally free range as I leave their cage door open at all times and they come and go as they please. They try and get into my house if I leave the laundry door open and leave their calling card. (poops ) They love when I dig in the garden to find worms and bugs that I can never see. All my left over foods go their way, bread, rice, noodles etc. For a special treat I clean out the back shed and there always is a cockroach or two or three. Plus they get mixed grain. How spoilt are they??? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Lot Of Bull

I am now the lucky owner of a beautiful Hand Made Pottery Bull. After knitting up a scarf ,very unusual with pink merino, spun /plied with pink mohair, I did a swap with the Potter.
This amazing woman ( Joan) does all her own pottery, by moulding, to firing in kiln, painting and finishing. I was very honoured by her gesture. It will be treasured by me.
If you would like one of these Bulls, or like to see more of her beautiful pieces, from white figurines, to candle sticks, and vases that to me are so tastefull to have in any of view, please contant me on my email address and I will get Joan to contact you.
Our spinners group shared our exhibiton with Joan and together we have shared our love of our craft. Our exhibition was held at the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens.
What a lovely place the gardens are, well worth the walk around.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hand Felted Knitting Bag

This is my Hand Felted Knitted Bag that I started yesterday and I have just finished sewing on the straps. Look below I have tried to explain how I made this Bag. It takes a bit of time and helps built up those arms so that cant be bad, Now I have a nice knitting bag to show off my
hand spun yarns, and long enough to fit my favorite knitting needles.
I am happy with the final effect of colour and embellishments I have added some of my odd novelty yarn plied with metalic or rayon thread, some mohair, angelina (bling) and commercial yarn.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Making a Felted Knitting Bag

This is the procedure I have to follow when I am making a Hand Felted Bag.
Top: I have layed out 3 layers of colour merino tops.
I then put in my resist in the middle and just above the bottom layer of fleece.
I then fold over the fleece from each side and bottom, I then place a piece of curtain material on top. In a container of warm water and a few drops of detergent. I splash over the fleece and using a plastic bag rub over completely till the fleece is wet and the air removed
Then I flip over and do the same. It is time consuming, but worth the effort.
It is then time to place in a bamboo blind and roll up. Then the fun begins when you have to
roll back and forth, removing "bag" and turn. Roll back and forth continue to a stage not yet felted. Remove resist and turn bag inside out. carefully. Dry moisture out with a towel and let to dry or just damp
Bottom: This is called Prefelt. Now it is ready for my embellishment that are placed on both sides. Novelty yarns, mohair, angelina (bling) commercial yarns.
This procedure is different to earlier photo of knitting bag.
If you read it was knitted up first then throw in the washing machine to felt. (fulled)
We all have our different ways of doing things This is good.
thats how I like it.
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Beret and Cylinder Scarf with knotted ends.

22 micron merino hand spun, hand dyed, hand knitted this lovely set of matching Beret and unusual Cylinder Scarf with Knotted Ends. I knitted it in stocking stitch which makes the wool make a cylinder effect. I just love the colours, so soft and could be worn with many outfits with pale blue jeans, or soft caramel coat. Enlarge the photo and see it as should be seen.
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Tribal Beanie

22 micron merino hand spun, hand dyed, hand knitted Tribal Beanie just that little different to be seen and obeyed. Just love the colours of deep browns, rustic, olive greens.
This beanie I have had in my head for some time and the needles did the work this time.
Hope you like it.Posted by Picasa

Show Off Beanies

22 micron merino hand spun, hand dyed, hand knitted Show off Beanies, so many styles and colours. One to wear with each outfit. I have so much fun picking up a ball of my spun wool,
knitting needles in hand and without a pattern I decide when to increase or decrease.
When I like one, I can't remember how I did it.? so everyone is "individual."
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Ear Flap Beanies

22 micron merino, hand spun, hand dyed, hand knitted earflap beanies.
Are you seeing double. I have been busy knitting up these earflap beanies getting ready for winter
Left: pink, white and brown. Right: combinations of browns, red, rustic,olive green
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Ear Flap Beanies.

Lovely greens combinations.

Lovely black combinations
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Felted Tote Bag

I wet felted this Tote Bag using natural brown merino X fleece and added mohair and different spun yarns with rayon, metalic yarns.(novelty yarns)
This retangular bag is so handy when shopping as it is sturdy, has 3 extra large press duds inside to close. Has long shoulder straps that can be throw over your head so when shopping leaves your hands free. I have made several totes all different and get so many comments . I can never repeat them. Similar but all individual Posted by Picasa

My New Felted (Fulled) Knitting Bag

This is my new felted (fulled) knitting bag with handles that Marlene has knitted up with Hand Spun and Commercial Wool, she knits then up very large and throws them into the washing machine which shrinks them. she sews on the handles and adds decorative beads and feathers.
All her bags are individual, colour and size. She never knows what result she has till it has completed its process, then dried after hanging on the line , then assembled.
I will treasure this bag and just so lovely to keep my special spun hanks of yarn.
Thank you Marlene
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My New Felted (Fulled) Pixie Slippers

These lovely felted pixie slippers where given to me by Marlene. She knits them up very large with Hand Spun Wool and Commercial Wool and then throws them in the washing machine causing them to shrink.
I just love them and will keep my tootsies warm.
Marlene is the one with the Picker. Dressed in Pink in below photo. Member of Coffs Harbour Spinners & Weavers and NSW Knitters Guild.
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Monday, January 7, 2008

Picker Machine

One of the ladies of our spinners group, her daughter bought in her "Picker Machine" that I had not seen before. We had to pick out the burrs and odd grasses from just sheared fleece. Then placed it in a bin ready to be picked. When ready you swing the frame back and forth as it has metal forks underneath. It separates and fluffs up the fleece ready for spinning. Amazing !! Must keep your hands clear.
We meet each Wedneday morning in the Coffs Harbour Showgrounds Art and Crafts building. therefor we are surrounded by paintings of all levels, and mediums. It is a very friendly place to meet. Plenty of car parking spaces and plenty of coffee if we need it. What else does a girl want? Posted by Picasa

Black Faced Sheep Scarf.

22 micron merino, hand spun, hand dyed, hand knitted this novelty scarf in the shape of a sheep. I had several attempts till I was satisfied and loved putting the final touch, its tail.
I have also knitted up a purple dragon, and green crocodile. You can email me if you wish to see them in a photo. I am wondering what I can do next.?? I do love cats.Posted by Picasa

Ladies Beanie and Matching Scarf

22 micron merino , hand spun, hand dyed in vibrant shades of red and blue.
The Beanie is medium size, knitted with a large band of moss stitch and stocking stitch on top.
The Scarf is a medium size scarf knitted in moss stitch with unusual criss cross fringing.Posted by Picasa

Long Chain Scarf & Necklet Scarf

22 micron merino, hand spun, hand dyed and hand knitted into these fun Chain Scarfs,
The long one can be arranged several ways. I have worn both these scarves and have been commented on them. Its amazing how good they look. Just gives a plain outfit a "Lift" anyone can wear pearls! I must knit up more, in all different colours.
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Ladies Scarf with Tie

22micron merino, hand spun, hand dyed, knitted in moss stitch. It is wide and short in length.
This lovely bright pink (galah) scarf/wrap can keep the chill off over a light dress, evening or day wear. I made a matching tie to add as a feature and can be threaded to hold the scarf in place if needed. Can be worn under a jacket.
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Skull Beanie

Rather gruesomoe beanie (just for fun) 22 micron merino, hand spun, hand dyed black, hand spun white with black pied yarn used for the skull. beanie can be worn either with the skull to the back or front. It took me a few attempts till I felt happy with this skull. My Mom was horrified. I have sold a smaller version this one left. This is larger size.
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