Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dedication to Pepe & Twiggy

This photo was taken 2001 when both my cats Pepe (ginger boy) and Twiggy (female siamese) . Pepe would catch a mouse and take it in the bathroom and drop it in the bath as he knew it couldnt climb out and he would have his bit of fun with it. Twiggy would watch on with excitement.

It was my two saddest days this year 2008, 12th June when Pepe and 21st October for Twiggy when I had to say goodbye to them.
They were the love of my life and brought great laughter in to my life which only a cat, or animal lover will tell you that they bring. May they rest in Peace. Pepe and Twiggy
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Hybiscus Hollys Pride

I was so excited to see this beautiful bloom on my hybiscus plant.
When I had purchased this hybiscus I crossed my fingers, hoping it would grow.
The size of the bloom is amazing, bigger than my hand and the colour is from a tangerine to a peach.

By looking at the plant it has many blooms ready to open and many buds.
I did give it a good boost of fertilizer and we have had plenty of rain.
I have planted a couple more hybiscus but different variety in my front garden and they have also produced beautiful flowers but not a big as the Hollys Pride.
Plus I have three that I have put in pots awaiting a place for me to find for them to rest.
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Spring Time

What a lovely time of the year. Time to put the knitting away and get out doors into the garden. My theme of colour is red, pinks and mauve.
Early in the year I purchased a collection of Crimson fantasy, Mandevilla plants in pots and suddenly got the urge to plant in the ground and then cover with lovely mulch to stop the weeds.

I couldnt resist these two pots of varigated soft pink and varigated mauve and white geranium pelargonium which I found at Bunnings.

What a lucky find this beautiful child statue, I have positioned it outside my front door and when I sit outside admiring my garden she always comes in view.
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Hawthorn Football Wins.2008

This is for my MUM who has barracked for Hawthorn since she was in her younger years. (She is will be 91 on Jan 2009). She lived in Hawthorn then and has followed them since, through the good and bad years.
I only just took these photos off the TV so not very clear.
So many but I didnt want to bore you with them.
I guess every picture tells a story.
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Scarf Exchange W.A. 2008

This is Barbara's lovely scarf, using her sample sent to her designed and created by firstly hand spinning the fleece. This unusual scarf which will be worn with great pleasure and admired by the recipient.
These soft colours in the scarf Lorraine designed and created are absolutely lovely. She hand spun then she crochets is to me so cleaver as I am a knitter and although I have been told that I should "learn" I just find it "differcult" to many thumbs.

Marlene has hand spun, dyed her own colours and knitted it this fancy design.
So light yet so warm for the wearer. Who would like to receive this in exchange.
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Scarf Exchange 2008

This is a camel bag, created by Di, who firstly spun up the yarn and then knitted it using different methods applied to show off her skills.
She decorated it with hand made beads and tassell. With left over spun yarn made a pouch.
This is just too good for a camel. The theme was "Outback".
Veda who has been with our group a short time, used hand dyed and hand spun yarn and knitted these two lovely scarfs. Sure to keep you on those chilly days warm as toast.
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Scarf Exchange 2008 sent off

This is my effort of a felted bag from previous post showing you the sample of fleece that I received. With a little left fleece I also felted a small purse and a length of spun yarn. I just hope the lady likes it.

This is a bag June is sending back from her sample, which I firstly received but exchanged it. June spun up the fibre and then knitted it and lined it. I hope the lady realises the work that went into this bag.
June was recovering from a leg operation at the time.

This is the 3rd Scarf Exchange I have entered and it is run this year from Western Australia.
I hope they have a good response. I'm sure they will.
Now all us ladies are waiting eagerly for our exchanges. The ladies I refer to are from our small but passionate spinners and knitters group. We meet each WED morning from 9.30 to 12.00, at the Coffs Harbour Showground Gallery building. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 24, 2008

Whirly- Birds

This is the magpie. I just love these whirly- birds. My Dad (dec) just loved to get in his "shed" and create wonderful novelty whirlys. so when I saw these it brought back great memorys. I found these two at the Coffs Harbour Boot Market which is held every 1st Sunday of the month.

This is the red cardinal.
I just love watching them in the wind, wings going round and round.
I did see a flying pig and a pelican which if the man has them next month I am going to buy them.