Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rest Haven for Animals

Two galahs, who dont think they are galahs. One coughs coughs and will occasionally give a wolf wistle. Then a Rabbitt Rabbitt. goodness knows how they came up with these.

Above is Milly the dog and here found her on the recliner chair, "sprung", and we have Pepper the beautiful Burmese cat have a wonderful relaxing time on the couch next to a ball of wool, on holidays at my place whilst their owner (my sister) is having a week at the snow.I dont think they are in a rush for them to get back.Posted by Picasa

Shetland Wool/Silk Beanie

This time I used shetland fleece carded with silk to give this unusual yarn when spun up, not quite as soft as the merino. I couldn't help but dye it with earthy colours, rust and dark brown . This style has the double rib band and using circular needles knitted three rows of plain then three rows of purl.

This style is for the larger head with lots of hair. Double rib band and with circular needles knitted plain.
The dye makes it show a random pattern.
Shetland fleece carded with silk is a coarser fibre, but it sure to last a very long time if the wearer treats it with lots of care. Posted by Picasa

Berets for Winter

This beret knitted with a mixture of pre dyed fleece spun chunky and plied with gold metalic yarn . Knitted on size 10mm needles.

I like this beret, spun with white merino and plied back with silver thread then dyed violet & pink shades. I knitted using 7mm needles.

What a cute beret, spun white merino and plied with wool yarn. I dyed it burnt orange and blue which ended up this unusual shade. Dont ask me to do it again.
Thats the fun of dyeing it yourself. I knitted using 7mm needles.
I found these yarns in my stash and they all called out to me to knit berets with them.
I like the look of berets, gives the wearer a bit of pizazz.Posted by Picasa

Flowering Orchid

What a beautiful flower. I have been waiting eagerly for it to open out.
I was given many orchids from my Mothers friend which she cherished but didnt have the room to keep them so I have repotted them and will await for the other plants to flower.
I thought I would vary my blog with another of my favorite past times gardening. Not that I spend much time now a days, too busy spinning and knitting, however I do love to see new flowers and love to get and prune over grown bushes to give them a new lease of life and watch the new shoots develop.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scarf for Carol

I wanted to knit one of my long time friends, Carol a scarf, as she lives in Melbourne, Vic. Aust. and it has long cold winters.
I asked her what she would like and she said something "bright"
I hope she likes it and as she wears a black coat should brighten up her day and keep her warm during those cold mornings and night coming and going to work.
For this scarf I used hand dyed merino fleece and randomly spun up different colours so that I would get the stripe effect without having to joint in so many different ends, it is reasonably long so she can wear it different styles.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scarf Exchange 2008 Western Australia

This is my parcel of Romney Rust fleece I received from The Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers' Guild of Western Australia Inc. 2008.
The lady requested a bag so I am going to wet felt this project.
I have found in my stash of yarns a collection that would suit the theme of the "Outback"

Finally finished this tote bag, also a small purse for credit cards and I was able to spin up a few metres and plied it with brown and gold thread.
The Scarf Exchange has been running for many years, but this is only my third year I have participated in . I have received two beautiful scarfs that I treasure and wear when I can.
This year the ladies of The Handwearers, Spinners and Dyers' Guild of Western Australia Inc.
are organising this huge event. The exchange covers many countries outside Australia.
It is a lovely surprise when we receive our parcel in return for the fleece we sent off early in the year. I wonder what it will be. Keep posted as they say and I will post a photo of it.
You may be confused as an earlier post June 2008 I listed a scarf exchange, however I exchanged that with this parcel due to circumstances too long to explain. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hand (wet) felted Totebag x 2

This bright felted bag would be ideal for your knitting or just general use.
In bright colours of blue, green and orange.
I have added embellishments of spun yarn , mohair and sari silk threads.
(click on to view larger detail)
This stunning felted bag would be ideal for your knitting or just general use.
In tones of rich browns and glowing yellow.
I have added embellishments of spun yarn and mohair.
An added button just makes it.
(click on to view larger detail)
I hope you like these Felted Bags. I made them to show off at the Coffs Harbour Botanical Gardens Exhibition of Fibre Arts this Aug 8th, 9th 10th,11th 2008.
Many visitor came and commented on the display, of my and other fibre art designers showing off their collection of beautiful garments, jewelery beading,pottery and paintings.
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Swirls of Colour Set

This Swirls of Colour set( coathanger, waterbottle cover and teacozy)
I knitted up resulted (unexpectedly) after I spun up some merino and dyed it Red, Yellow and Blue . I knitted it up using my circular Denise Interchageable needles
I will have them on display for Bellingen Market September 2008
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Charlie's Cardigan/Beanie

This is my lovely little Charlie (great nephew) with his new cardigan and beanie I knitted him . This is a reflection of him looking in the mirror.

What does a little boy need apart from his Coco Pops and his doggy beside his side.
This cute Cardigan and beanie was shown on an earlier Post,(Cardigan for Charlie) and until this weekend was able to give it to him. He loved it and paraded it around.
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